Tuesday, December 23, 2008

While Waiting for the Computer to Boot...

How cold is it? Cold enough to freeze condensation on the storm window. Pretty, eh?

A recently completed stained glass panel. Very unusual glass made by a west coast company that went out of business so long ago that I've forgotten the name...

Why are they sleeping so early in the day? Well, if you had been up half the night, barking at imagined intruders in your yard, you'd be sleepy too. I figured it was too cold for intruders, so I ignored her. THAT didn't sit well, either. Barky Barky Barky


  1. Great job, I especially like the picture of the frosted glass - and your stained glass project is BEAUTIFUL!!! Where are you going to hang it?? If you don't find a spot, let me know. :-)
    Hugs, me